The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity

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The Road to Transformation is Not Straightforward

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Long Road To Maturity

Act 2: Antithesis. The protagonist faces opposing forces that send him into an upheaval disharmony. Abraham Maslow points out that we are confronted with an ongoing series of choices throughout life between safety and growth, dependence and independence, regression and progression, immaturity and maturity. Maslow writes in Toward a Psychology of Being :.

We grow forward when the delights of growth and anxieties of safety are greater than the anxieties of growth and the delights of safety. It becomes clear here why so many of us refuse the call to adventure. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces , he deconstructs every step along the journey.

Before a would-be hero can enter the special world, he must first live in the ordinary world. The ordinary world is different for each of us—it represents our norms, customs, conditioned beliefs, and behaviors. In The Hobbit , the ordinary world is the Shire where Bilbo Baggins lives with all the other Hobbits—gardening, eating and celebrating—living a simple life. Novelist J.

Tolkien contrasts this life in the Shire with the special world of wizards, warriors, men, elves, dwarfs, and evil forces on the brink of world war.

Slaughter of innocence

The Call to Adventure marks a transition from the ordinary world to the special world. The hero is introduced to his quest of great consequence. Fear of change as well as death, however, often lead the hero to refuse the call to adventure. The ordinary world represents our comfort zone; the special world signifies the unknown.

The hero resists change initially but is ultimately forced to make a critical decision: embark on the adventure or forever remain in the ordinary world with its illusion of security. This defining moment helps the hero to…. In one sense, this is the point of no return. Once the hero shoots across the unstable suspension bridge, it bursts into flames.

These dream-stoppers are often cleverly masked as friends and family who appear to have positive intentions but hinder your development nonetheless. Generally, at an early stage of the adventure, the hero is graced by the presence of a wise sage. Sometimes cloaked in mystery and secret language, a mentor manifests when the hero is ready. But our modern world is depleted of wise elders or shamans who can effectively bless the younger generation.

See King Warrior Magician Lover for a full treatment on this important topic. For most of us, it is best to seek wise counsel from your inner guide , the Higher Self within. The next significant threshold is often more treacherous than the first. Within the walls of the innermost cave lies the cornerstone of the special world where the hero closes in on his objective. For a man, the innermost cave represents the Mother Complex, a regressive part of him that seeks to return to the safety of the mother.

No worthwhile adventure is easy.

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There are many perils on the path to growth, discovery , and self-realization. A major obstacle confronts the hero, and the future begins to look dim: a trap, a mental imprisonment, or imminent defeat on the battlefield. It seems like the adventure will come to a sad conclusion, as all hope appears lost.

GIANT SPACE DRAGONS?! Stargates and Alien Infestations! - The Long Journey Home Part 2 Gameplay

But hope remains and it is in these moments of despair when the hero must access a hidden part of himself—one more micron of energy, strength, faith, or creativity to find his way out of the belly of the beast. Having defeated the enemy and slain the dragon, the hero receives the prize. Pulling the metaphorical sword from the stone, the hero achieves the objective he set out to complete.

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Whether the reward is monetary, physical, romantic, or spiritual, the hero transforms. And often, the prize the hero initially sought becomes secondary as a result of the personal transformation he undergoes. Perhaps the original quest was financially driven , but now the hero takes greater satisfaction in serving others in need. The real change is always internal.

Now the hero must return to the world from which he came with the sacred elixir. Challenges still lie ahead in the form of villains, roadblocks, and inner demons. The hero must deal with whatever issues were left unresolved at this stage of the journey. Taking moral inventory, examining the Shadow , and performing constant self-inquiry help the hero identify weaknesses that will later play against him. This final threshold, which may be more difficult than the prior moment of despair, provides one last test to solidify the growth of the hero.

In this final stage, the hero can become master of both worlds, with the freedom to live and grow, impacting all of humanity. He is no longer an innocent child or adolescent seeking excitement or adventure. Comfortable in his own skin, he has evolved and is now capable of handling demands and challenges.

These characters stay in the adolescent stage of development and we celebrate that reality. Although each of our tales is unique, they do have common threads—elements of this universal structure that we all share. But through the course of this external quest—if we become more conscious —the journey transitions to an emphasis on internal growth that leads to transformation.

The protagonist faces a problem and tries to overcome it.

The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity
The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity The Long Road Home: A Journey to Maturity

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