The Gift of Peace

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We can't have the pleasing, life-transforming privileges of God's peace without first meeting God's requirements. Colossians says that through Jesus Christ, "God reconciled everything to himself.

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He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ's blood on the cross" NLT. The only way we will experience the peace of God that passes all human understanding is through the blood of the cross, the blood Jesus shed. You can't have the peace of God until you first have peace with God.

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Columba, St. When a Jew-bashing Christian leader makes Jesus look bad Small beginnings on small business Saturday. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Bible text from the New King James Version is not to be reproduced in copies or otherwise by any means except as permitted in writing by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Most Popular All Democratic presidential candidates back taxpayer-funded abortions Megachurch pastor resigns over allegations of sex with year-old members of youth group 17 years ago.

Some shocking things Chick-fil-A funds. Spending a Christmassy weekend in Detroit. London is an underrated Christmas destination. Postcard from Ste. I can remember feeling something in my heart. I was young then. I am older now, and I know what that feeling was. It was the Holy Ghost, whose companionship I had been offered when I was eight years of age.

The Spirit confirmed to my heart that the words I heard sung that night were true. Those who knelt before Him came to worship the Savior. He was the Lamb of God, sent to break the bands of death by His atoning sacrifice.

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He came with the power to bear our sorrows and our grief that He might know how to succor us. And He was born to atone for all of our sins as only He could:. Glory to the newborn King! The feeling I had in the balcony of the Tabernacle that night was of faith and hope. And yet I felt more, so much more. I felt hope that because of Him, I could follow and serve Him and so be born to a newness of spiritual life. I felt gratitude and peace, and so can we all because of the gift of the Father and of the Son. We do so best when we open the scriptures to their minds and hearts.

When our children were little, we created a family Christmas pageant with all the words drawn from scripture.

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We performed the pageant on Christmas Eve. Many of you have done something similar. The early drafts of our pageant called for a limited number of players, all playing parts from scripture. I was Joseph, my wife was Mary, and a doll was the Christ child. The cast filled out over time.

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After a few years, we opened the pageant with a child who portrayed Samuel the Lamanite standing to testify with prophetic power of the future birth of the promised Messiah. In time, we added a disbelieving crowd armed with aluminum foil balls to throw at Samuel as he stood before them. We needed parts for the smaller children, and so we added sheep and lambs to crawl behind the shepherds to the manger.

The players grew up, and now we are back to the beginning.

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I have watched those Josephs, Marys, shepherds, sheep, lambs, and kings move on to teach their own loved ones of the Savior and about the peace His birth makes possible. They were blessed to learn in the parts they played in our pageant something about the Savior and why we love Him.

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I am grateful that our children and their children saw us honor the baby Jesus, born to be the infinite sacrifice, the priceless gift of peace Heavenly Father gave to all His children. Third, like the Wise Men, we can give gifts of love and peace as disciples of the risen Lord. Bishop Sellers in Rexburg, Idaho, did so in the years after he was called as a bishop long ago. His ward chapel was close to the highway that passed through the small town.

In those days of unemployment, many destitute people moved from place to place, hoping to find some way to sustain themselves. They would often seek out one of the Latter-day Saint bishops for help. Often, the bishops they approached would send them to the home of Bishop Sellers. There was a reason for that. The Sellers family welcomed strangers in need. Instead of dinner being only a family meal, one or two, or sometimes more, strangers were at the table.

After the guests enjoyed the delicious meal prepared by Sister Sellers, the bishop gave them a coat from the supply of surplus army coats he had purchased. Once fitted in a warm coat and holding a package with another meal prepared by Sister Sellers, they would go out into the winter day with warm hearts.

The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace

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