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So, why do we feel compelled to give up when the going gets tough?

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During her Stanford Alumni talk in professor Carol Dweck, who introduced the growth mindset, described a study in which she analyzed the way children cope with challenges. This is a real-world example of the growth mindset versus a fixed mindset in action. While it can be easy to mistake effort for progress deserved, one does not necessarily equate to the other. The idea that great success requires explosive linear growth without rough patches or notable obstacles is in direct conflict with much of what we know about the creative process. Creative success is a product of patience and diligence.

Remarkably, Einstein published all of this research within the same year. Marie Curie was not only the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, but is also the only person to have ever won two Nobels in two different sciences.

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There are numerous instances of this throughout history in art and science alike. Keith Jarett played a broken piano after nearly calling off the whole show and improvising what turned out to be the best-selling solo jazz piano album of all time. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the wildly successful novel Eat Pray Love , had her short stories rejected countless times before taking a bartending job at Coyote Ugly.

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating - Elizabeth Gilbert

Regardless of its cause, the disruption experienced by each of these greats played a direct role in their rise to success. The answer lies in patience and perseverance. He would be lit from within, and lit from below and all lit up on fire with divinity.

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Which is great, because we need that. I quite agree, and may send you some of my poetry later.

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The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project
The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project
The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project
The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project
The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project
The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project
The Elusive Genius Project The Elusive Genius Project

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