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Quack is first shown resting in his pond with his eyes closed and his mouth slightly opened.

Once clicked Quack will swim around in a short circle, jump in the air, and then emerge from the water and go back to sleep. Quack is the only animal in Sounds Like Fun the needs to be clicked again to make his sound.

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While swimming Quack will say "A deep a da do, a deep a da do, a zeep blapa do blapa do. Peep is first shown smiling, leaning against a rock, and moving his feet. Once clicked Peep will begin to jump up and down and a jingle like sound can be heard.

Once clicked again Peep will go back to the position he was in before. Chirp is first shown leaning against a box, smiling, and moving her feet. Once clicked she will jump up, stick out her foot, and slap it on the ground.

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A sound that resembles the shaking of small objects with a hitting of a object to make a dull sound can be heard while Chirp jumps up and down. Upon being clicked again Chirp will go back to normal. This section is incomplete. You can help this wiki by adding missing info. After a certain amount of time after Beaver Boy has made his sound, his sound will no longer be audible.


Beaver Boy will continue dancing and even if the player stops him and the reactivates him no sound will be heard. Upon being clicked it will fly off the flower and begin to fly in a circle. For a number of reasons. We want you to know our priorities and his are not the same; it may help you make an informed decision. A second reason is to remind ourselves why we do what we do, and to help us check ourselves against our goals frequently.

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We love music. We love its visceral thrill, its emotional impact, and its spiritual transcendence. We love how music engages the brain, opens the heart, speaks to the soul, and shakes the butt. We have the entire history of recorded sound as our palette. We understand the dance floor can be a fickle and fluid thing, and cultivate a symbiotic relationship with it, changing course instantly and endlessly if necessary.

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But we were born with a gene for sharing the joy of music. To us, that sounds like fun! You are commenting using your WordPress. Download a sample unit Change a Vowel Sound Read the interview How can you use humor to increase phonological awareness and decrease confusion about ambiguous language? Your Cart 0 product.

Pancakes? Berries? Sounds Like Fun to Us! - Craft Beer Cellar Clayton

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Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun
Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun
Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun
Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun
Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun
Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun
Sounds Like Fun Sounds Like Fun

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