Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2)

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The excruciating throbbing summoned images of the attack to fill his head. Getting lost in the blinding snow and unable to locate shelter.

Quarrels flying at them from every direction, coming out of the blanket of falling snow. Were his men alive? Had anyone besides him escaped? She put aside the wooden bowl, and came to him. The arrows have to come out or your blood will taint. They plug the wound. He stifled a groan as he tried to shift to ease the ache in his side. Your blood was thick from freezing. You bleed less. Only, you are warming and the arrows need to come out.

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The woad will staunch the blood once I pull the arrows out. She gave a small shrug with one shoulder. There is a difference? It takes skill. A bolt comes from a crossbow. No training is needed to wield it. Print is just magic. It was magic, it will continue to be magic. I have tried to explain to other authors that are ebook only what Hilary meant, and I just cannot convey the difference. It's something an author has to experience, I guess. I am especially pleased to see Montlake pushing "the series" as a whole and not just each book on their own.

Dorchester tended to publish one book and not really promote the series. Again, I say thanks for Montlake for the quality of production of my book. Remy has decided Catonia A Short Story -A highwayman goads his horse onward, his hatred egging him on. His brother's life depends on him getting to him in time. Can this member of English nobility right a wrong that was done to his father so many years before?

Even more, wil Blue Moon Magic from Highland Press offers eleven writers worldwide, many from the No Law Against Love anthology, with enchanting romance tales of what happens when a wish is made on a Blue Moon. As she takes the curve in the storm— at the exact sp In Her Darkest Hour The ancient Highland fortress Lochstorr has always been ruled by the women of Gillian Ogilvie's mysterious line, and now it is Gillian's turn to assume the title.

But a decree from England's ruthless king changes all that, puttin One Last Hope Lady Skena MacIain has seen much hardship this year, and she fears worse is to come. For a bloody battle in Dunbar has left her a young widow, and her Scottish fortress without protectors. She wishes she could be as hopeful as her Revenge--that was Trev's goal when he first set his sights on Raven.

And a delicious revenge it would be. He and his two brothers had each selected a Montgomerie sister to systematically seduce and destroy, and this quiet granddaughter of his enemy w A Romance Anthology -Through the ages, sage advice has been handed down from mother-to-daughter that the way to win a man's heart is through his stomach.

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  • Jul 29, Sandi Sipe rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone. Book 2 of the modern day setting series. I like the twist in this book. I can't wait to finish it. I especially love how Deborah blends the past and preasent together. And her men aren'tthat bad either. View 1 comment. Jun 01, Shelly LeCompt rated it really liked it. Series Review: This is a fun series. I enjoyed that each book had a really unique and different atmosphere from any other series I have ever read.

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    • The Sisters of Colford Hall Book Series.
    • Seriously, the series gives off a vibe that kind feels like a mixture between: historical romance meets medieval times meets old school fairy tale meets fantasy. You would think this mixture would cause the reader to feel unsettled or confused and lead to a bad read and experience; only somehow Ms MacGillivary pulls this odd combination off. I found Series Review: This is a fun series. I found that the series left me feeling off balanced and surprised in an enchanting and very different way.

      I truly enjoy each book in this series. However, if you don't like to read a series where each book kind of resembles the last book in style of writing and development, then you will likely enjoy this series more if you space out each book between other books. This series is center around 3 brothers out for revenge against a family who has cost them everything in life. The scheme to exact this revenge of the Montgomerie family by targeting 3 beautiful sister and taking back what they feel is rightfully theirs in land and finances and breaking 3 hearts is just the added bonus for the Mershan family's pain.

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      What they don't expect is to meet 3 strong, beautiful, loving and independent woman who can not only offer them love as a healing tool, but a life that they never knew they wanted as men. As a series goes, this one offers a lot of fun, romance, charm, silliness, sexiness, alpha males, strong independent heroines, twist, fairy tale fantasy, hilarious and outrageous supporting character especially the fun silly animals , and an overall HEA feel that leaves a romance reader feeling complete.

      Very enjoyable and enchanting. Plus, each book is a quick, light hearted read that offers rest after one of those complex and exhausting books that we sometimes enjoy but feel taxed after completing. Book Review: Riding the Thunder is one of the lighter books in the series. Jago offers more of the sweet side than either of his brothers.

      Q&A with Deborah Macgillivray

      As Mershan boys go this is the tender hearted, sensitive, 'in touch with his feelings' brother from the family. He is not afraid of love or expressing how he feels and he does so often in the book, which just melts my heart to pieces. However, if Jago is the more loving and sensitive male from the Mershan clan; then Asha is likely the more stubborn and cynical of the Montgomeries sisters.

      She is judgmental, hot headed, passionate, protective, and determined. She offers no excuses for her choices and wants nothing more than to be independent and take care of her responsibilities in Wilmore. She doesnt need a man to do this and actually isnt even sure she wants one. Then enters Jago "Fitzgerald" Mershan.

      He comes with all of his sex appeal, sensitivity and gentle loving ways; and she finds he can be more determined and stubborn than her in a charming way. Jago has know from the minute he saw Asha that she was meant to be his and that was long before he went to Wilmore, Kentucky to claim her. Of the 3 brothers he is the only one in touch with himself enough to know these 3 sisters will change everything for the brothers and offer them the closure they are looking for but in a very different way than his big brother Desmond has schemed.

      Now he just has to win over Asha's heart while trying to save his family, her family and her endearing world in Wilmore. Jan 31, Tammie King rated it really liked it. His desires for Asha complicate his plans. Will he find a way to honor his plans and www. Will he find a way to honor his plans and hold on to the one woman who could fill his heart and complete him? Magic and betrayal are in the air of this small Kentucky town. Will Jago and Asha survive the coming storm to find their happy ever after?


      Deborah MacGillivray weaves a heart-wrenching story of love and passion with paranormal twists that are sure to captivate the reader. The story is enhanced with the paranormal events and the interesting secondary characters. This is a great romantic story and a delight to read.

      Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall, Book 2)

      Jago Mershan comes to town to do mischief to Asha Montgomerie's business as part of a family plot to destroy the Montgomeries as their father was destroyed by Ahsa's grandfather. One look at Asha, however, and he has a change of heart. Asha Montgomerie is a young woman who takes care of her own--namely the people who live and work in her tiny community. The instant attraction between the pair gives rise to much speculation by the locals, a comical crew of folks--signature characters that enhance Ms.

      MacGillivray's work--whose antics keep the reader entertained. Not to mention the juke box that plays oldies from over and over again.

      Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2) Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2)
      Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2) Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2)
      Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2) Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2)
      Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2) Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2)
      Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2) Riding the Thunder (The Sisters of Colford Hall Book 2)

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