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Once the chunks burn down to embers, he rakes them out and covers the grill for one minute to put out the flames.

He cooks with the grill covered, controlling the heat by adjusting the airflow with the vents. This method has several advantages: the wood burns more slowly and the lid keeps the smoke in and eliminates most flames and flare-ups. But you can't monitor the grilling process as closely, and the smoke flavor is so pronounced that it can overpower delicate foods.

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It is difficult to put a finger on the reason, but there has always seemed something particularly dismal about the Gunpowder Plot. There is obviously a lot to be said for any conspiracy that can erase the Stuart line from English history at a blow, but from Robert Catesby and the rest of the old Essex mob to the wretched James everyone on both sides of the plot is so profoundly unsympathetic that it is hard to care at this distance what happened to any of them.

From the first days of the English Counter- reformation there had always been men and women ready to die for their faith, but it seems a particularly bitter irony that the one priest who never saw himself as martyr material — and still goes unrecognised by the Catholic church — should be brought to the scaffold by a brand of self-regarding and callous fanaticism that was opposed to everything his English mission had stood for.

The accidental discovery of gunpowder owes its origins to the Chinese search for an elixir of immortality, and Ponting traces its military development and influence as it spread from the Far East into the Islamic world, Europe, the Americas and finally back to China on the receiving end of the naval guns of a brutal and greedy Britain during the 19th-century Opium Wars.

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Four hundred years might not count as immortality, but it is not a bad start, and even if there is little new to say, there was never any chance that publishers were going to allow the anniversary to pass unexploited. There still seems, though, something slightly half-hearted about the offerings, and save for an essay on anti-Catholicism by Justin Champion that breathes all the sweet reasonableness of a 17th-century pamphlet war, this is particularly true of Gunpowder Plots.

Four hundred years after Equivocation took Henry Garnet to the scaffold it is nice to know that the doctrine is still alive and well. James Delingpole.

James Forsyth. Isabel Hardman. Robert Peston. Ross Clark.

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