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Event The Naughty Neighbors Doors at p. First come, first seated. Standing room also available.

2. Tracy Morgan

Kids are welcome to come, but please know that it is important to provide a quiet and intimate space for the musician and for the audience. Thank you! This is a 3 act show!! The Naughty Neighbors will be closing the show with some rocking tunes!! There will be a local snack foods table, local wine and many more local products!! This space is the culmination of the dreams of Porterhouse Productions - a space where YOU are welcome. Through SPACE, we are able to provide sound equipment for free or for a reduced fee to non-profit organizations, musicians, artists, and community events.

They have a sound like no other band featuring lots of original material and very carefully plucked cover songs.

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They truly have a sound of their own by using one of a kind instruments, and haunting melodies. The Naughty Neighbors will do everything from seducing you with a slow groove to fully rocking your socks off!!

Were not bad, just a little Naughty Biography Each member of the band is based in Traverse City Michigan. Although they have been playing together professionally since late spring , each of them have been jamming together long before starting the band. Kid Friendly: No. Non-Smoking: Yes! Owner: Porterhouse Productions.

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Contact us. Ticket Buyers. That missed rave is the proverbial tip of iceberg. The rest of the berg moves into the burbs when fraternity Delta Psi and its 50 or so brothers buy the house next door. This is essentially a test of Mac and Kelly's commitment to parenthood. Efron is frat president Teddy Sanders, the shirtless smooth talker happy to take the reefer the Radners present — a peace offering the couple hopes will establish their cool cred and buy them quiet nights.

Teddy is charismatic and reassuring, but his real mission, with the help of his smarter No. The comedy comes along with the clashes between the frat and the family. Delta Psi's sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll-saturated scene eventually drives Mac and Kelly to call the cops. War is declared and everyone fights dirty. A Robert De Niro costume party, sabotaged air bags and candles made from those aforementioned molds all figure into the escalating conflict.

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Lodging an official complaint with the college dean is as good an excuse as any to get Lisa Kudrow, wickedly droll in her officious officialdom, involved. Surfacing in all the muck is the idea that these spouses are actually in it together, and that is nothing to laugh at.

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Even excellent R-rated sendups like last year's twisted apocalyptic tale, "This Is the End," tend to stay determinedly on the surface. Indeed, "The Hangover" celebrated its spot there. Emotionality has always existed in Stoller's work, more visible in his writing — the unabashed affection in "The Muppets" written with Jason Segel for example, but it could also be found in the bond between Russell Brand's bad-boy rocker and Jonah Hill's geek in "Greek.

Naughty neighbors. - Red Roof Inn Chicago-O'Hare Airport / Arlington Hts

For Efron, "Neighbors" puts the actor into that charming bad-boy corner he's occupied so well since his "High School Musical" breakout. Efron's attempts at more serious characters have been mixed: his doctor in 's historical drama "Parkland," for example, was embarrassing, while his ambitious young Broadway hopeful in 's "Me and Orson Welles" was undervalued.

Byrne seems to have bailed on drama entirely.

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After the darkness of the FX legal thriller "Damages," the actress is making the most of the self-effacing comedy so often demanded of pretty women. Although she's done lighter roles before, including working with Stoller on "Get Him to the Greek," her conniving maid of honor wannabe in 's "Bridesmaids" represented her official coming-out party. Meanwhile, Rogen has taken up permanent residence on the comfortable comedy couch. His puppy-dog persona continues to buy the actor lots of goodwill, even when his characters don't deserve it.

Mac isn't a bad guy, more of a frustrated new dad pushed to extremes with no clue how to fight except by using playground rules — physical and juvenile.

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That persona will probably see Rogen through a few more years, but like "Neighbors," it will be interesting to see what the actor is capable of when he really grows up. MPAA rating: R for pervasive language, strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, and drug use throughout.

Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors Naughty Neighbors
Naughty Neighbors

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