Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales

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Sounds great, except, to be a guardian you must agree to live in secrecy. Quinn is a wind elemental.

Just Around Midnight review: Sex’n’drugs’n’race’n’rock’n’roll

Being caged in by secrecy is worse than death for someone like her. Lachon is the oldest living elemental in the world. So maybe once, briefly, a hundred years ago she thought he was a good guy. She knew better now. No way would she fall for his savior of the world shtick. When the dangers of the past catch up with them, Quinn realizes the only way either of them will make it out alive is if she can put the ghosts of the past behind her and finally trust the flesh and blood man in front of her.

Start Reading Today! Rayanne Haines grew up on a small horse ranch in Alberta. She spent most of her youth re-enacting scenes from Anne of Green Gables to attentive audiences that included pygmy goats and roan stallions. The horses were thrilled. Her father could never figure out why it took her three hours to clean the barn. Her mother was an avid reader and instilled a love of literature in her at a young age.

She has a fondness for mountains and rivers and all the creatures that live within them.

And she believes in magic, the spirit, that which we cannot see. Rayanne knows stories and poetry can transform lives. It's on Netflix now. Our final guest is musician Shannon Wright. Shannon is a guitarist, pianist, singer-songwriter and her performances are raw, emotional, breathtaking and powerful all at one moment. Shannon is shy. Shannon is a prolific artist who is starting work on her 11th solo album. We celebrate our 60th episode of We Don't Even Know with special guests comedian and family documentary photographer Ahna Tessler; comedian, writer, actor and director Jon Glaser; and improv musician and comedian Rebecca Vigil.

Our first guest of the night is comedian, actress and photographer Ahna Tessler. She is also a mother and we all agree doesn't get enough attention these days. We told her she could swear as much as she wanted during the taping. Ahna's longtime comedy partner Lauren Engle was in attendance at the show. They are legends. Ahna has made so many fantastic videos which she calls 'dumb' but we call hysterical. Check out Ahna's beautiful family photography.

She is humble and doesn't brag about it bc she is a woman. Jon is a powerhouse in the comedy world. As you expected, Jon has lots of gear. We get the low low low low down on how Jon came up with the idea for the show Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter. It's so dumb. We love it. Shonali and Jon used to jam together and after you hear Jon's new summertime hit tune you will understand why they are ready to take the show on the road. During GetItOffYourChest with audience member Michael McMenamin, we learn that you must make sure the washing machine is fully drained before putting in your clothes.

Christian uses the words 'fecal air. Shonali's rants about unnecessarily expensive fashion choices. Rebecca went to 13 different schools and still sings about love. She's remarkable for many reasons, but we are super impressed with her big winnings while on a game show. Two of our lucky audience members, Sergio Douglas and Maggy Adeleye were interviewed by Rebecca on stage and then Christian just returned from father's retirement party in Chicago.

Shonali just returned from Nashville where she kept up with the news about a racist crazy tv star and her tweets. What's it like to have your creative work rejected in person to your face over and over? We ask our first guest that question. She has "cobbled" together a living as a cartoonist for a long time now. She's come a long way from being an ad sales person for alt weekly New York Blade to becoming a successful cartoonist who has had hundreds of her works featured in the New Yorker.

She's written a book about parenting called Mama Tried. She's a parent who refreshingly doesn't think being a parent is the MOST awesome thing in the world. How cool is that? Look out for her upcoming YA Young Adult book she's working on now, a fictional fanzine from Our second guest is H. Jon Benjamin, a comedian, actor and writer probably most famous for his work as the voice of Bob in Bob's Burgers and the voice of Archer in Archer.


Benjamin as Shonali calls him they are old friends used to host a comedy show in the East Village called Midnight Pajama Jam. It was the best. Shonali's been listening to the audiobook and loves it. She is intrigued by Jon Benjamin's love for disco, roller skating and disco balls.


Jon explains what the main take away from his book is in two words. Our final guest is musician, singer, songwriter Rob Townsend.

Rob is originally from Spartanburg, SC. He's also a part time sailing instructor and may be the only gay sailing captain on the Hudson. We like the idea of a gay sailboat. We discuss the difficulty of selling music during an era where everyone gets their music free. His music has changed drastically.

The Subtle Power of Lesbian Style

He is humble and self deprecating but we think he's awesome. Welcome to our new sound engineer Ezana Million! Photo by Daria Huxley. When was the last time you stayed in a hostel. After working for 15 years as an actor, the play was his first time to be in a majority brown people cast.

We talk breaking our parents hearts and the glamorous life of a working actor. Find out what Alison thinks about Christian's solar system shirt. She shares her recent dealings with Twitter trolls and how a near death experience led her to comedy. Alison has great advice for up and coming female comedians.

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Our final guest is musician Graham Norwood. Graham, who is legally blind, started to focus on his own solo project only two years ago after spending 15 years working on the music of other artists. Graham sings two songs for us including Collapses to Zero and Lazarus Avenue.

While we've been mourning the close of our former WDEK podcast home, the HiFi Bar we are excited to host our first show of at Caveat, a new speakeasy space in LES which showcases "intelligent nightlife.

This Charming Butch: The male pop idol, girl fans, and lesbian (in)visibility

Let us be delusional for a little while, will you? Below is the pic we shared of Christian from the Women's March during the show.

  1. 21 Lesbian and Bisexual Movies Based on a True Story, Ranked | Autostraddle.
  2. Splits.
  3. A Honeymoon Cruise: Minus the Groom (Return to Burr Hollow Ranch Book 1);
  4. Melena is a bad ass NYC bicylist. Find out why she had to get fingerless gloves. Melena is a journalist at the forefront of covering the MeToo movement and sexual harassment in the entertainment world Louis CK, Russell Simmons. We get into it. Christian says he wants to listen He not only confesses to reading Shonali's emails but he reads them to the world. So embarrassing. Our third guest is multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, visual artist Emily Wells.

    Emily's work is stunning. She describes growing up with a Music Minister father, building a world around her during her performance, choreographer Pina Bausch and her love of what she does. Purchase Emily's music asap! Emily performs two songs for us at the end of the show. Man of The Woods, adults charmed by their young children's bathroom breaks, and the subway are our topics of conversation. Kudos to her for making it to the show on what was for her a very tough night listen to Ep to find out why. Danielle tells us what is was like for her working at the White House.

    Have you heard of 3 Card Monte? Danielle a real New Yorker knows what it is.

    Episode 56 is a momentous occasion, with the news that HiFi will close at the end of October , this is the last time we will tape our show in our beloved home space. Currently we are looking for another home and expect to return to a new space live in front of an audience in January of Our first guest is lawyer, environmental activist and national carryout bag expert Jennie Reilly Romer. After helping San Francisco and Los Angeles enact laws on plastic bag policy, Jennie moved to New York with the mission of doing the same thing here.

    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales
    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales
    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales
    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales
    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales
    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales
    Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales Naked RocknRoll, and other lesbian tales

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