Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)

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Specifically, these four letters from captivity will release any of us from unconscious imprisoning ideas. Why was the liberating message of the crucified messiah considered "foolish? Did Paul really endorse slavery and male headship?

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So many aspects and difficult issues of the NT are overlooked or misunderstood in the 21st century for the very simple reason that we don't know much about the world of the text. This course takes a look at the culture, customs, and values of the first century, especially as they relate to the NT. It asks the question "What was that world like? Description: The Psalms are infused with the diverse richness of the human experience. No matter what you are feeling, whether joy or thankfulness, grief or despair, you can always find a psalm that resonates with these emotions.

This is why the Psalter continues to remain a favourite book for many of us. Together in this unit, we will explore the wonder and technique of Hebrew poetry, plus the many expressions of prayer and worship within ancient Israel. We will be challenged to utilise these psalms in our own life to bring expression to all our experiences, whether the heights of praise or cries of doubt. In this unit, we will also explore the sexually infused lyrical poetry of the Song of Songs. So all in all, settle back as we explore the poetry of the Psalms and Song of Songs.

Description: Many readers have been captivated by the vision of Isaiah. Isaiah was a prophet consumed with the vision of God as the sovereign Lord over the nations. The NT authors knew the wonder of Isaiah, for even within their gospels and letters there are multiple quotes and allusions back to this book. Yet, within its context, the Book of Isaiah speaks to a crucial time in the history of ancient Israel both prior to the exile as well as re-building after the devastation.

It speaks to a community about how to live faithfully as the people of God in a hostile environment, and presents a vision of a holy people who mirror this quality of the God they serve. Description: Esther is a female character in the Old Testament who outwits her enemies in a deadly game of palace politics. In a thoughtful examination of Esther, we discover that it is a book rich in wonder, mystery, and artistic literary expression. The excellent Hebrew narrative of Esther, with its twists and turns, continues to make it a favourite book for many of us today.

This unit will take you into the Persian world of Esther, and its post-exilic context. Description: Do you want the places of the bible to come alive? Well join us for this Field Study Trip subject to Israel and its surrounding lands. We will walk through significant places where the biblical people lived and link the geography of the land to message of the biblical stories. Your reading of the bible will never be the same again! It is designed to reflect on the relationship between the Old and New Testaments and the many theological themes, ideas and concepts that make the Bible a unified whole.

This unit will not only give you a comprehensive understanding of the unity of the Bible, but will without doubt demonstrate how relevant its themes and wisdom are for our own generation. Description: Luke-Acts is the two-volume work which tracks the movement from the ministry of Jesus through to the early church and beyond! Obviously this text is therefore of great significance in the New Testament even if just in regards to the size of the combined volumes , and has been used by Pentecostals for over a century in our quest for recovering a truly biblical faith.

This unit examines the narrative of Luke-Acts in a way that holds together the historical and theological foci, and seeks to equip you with a solid reading strategy for approaching these remarkable texts. Have you ever asked what sets Christianity apart from Judaism? If you are interested in understanding the core gospel message and its relevance in our contemporary culture then this unit will scratch where you itch!

Addressing a variety of ethical and theological issues, such as sexual sin, drunkenness, Christians taking each other to court, dissatisfaction with style of leadership and much more. If you wish to understand more about the practical ministry of the church and its leadership in the first century, then this unit is for you!

Description: The Revelation or the Apocalypse as it is often called, from its opening word in Greek is by common consent one of the most difficult of all the books of the Christian Bible. Nevertheless, attention to its historical context, social and religious milieu, and literary genre will bring considerable light on its form, content, and function. Description: This unit provides students with a first-hand introduction to the relevant cultural, geographical, historical, and archaeological issues for the New Testament. This unit features an on-site field study program in the location of modern day Turkey and Greece, formative for the biblical text.

Description: Itching to connect the realm of the classroom with some real-life experience? Professional Practice is designed with just this aim in mind. Students will have the have the chance to engage academically with issues pertaining to their Major Specialisation whether ministry or business plus experience a hands-on placement. Working with an experienced supervisory mentor no family members or close friends! For instance, do you have a heart for pastoral ministry? You could complete 8 hours a week at your local church, working with a department pastor.

A block placement at a Christian organisation, working with a field specialist, could be the kick start needed. Alternatively, have you been wanting to make a difference while experiencing cross cultural ministry overseas?

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Your hours could be served with an overseas mentor in a concentrated three or so weeks of professional practice. The sky is the limit! Want to know more specifics? It provides a chance for students to continue the challenging but rewarding combination of academic reflection upon contemporary ministerial issues and hands-on experience.

Like Professional Practice, you will work with an experienced supervisory mentor no family members or close friends!

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Description: This subject is an introduction to the rich and inspiring heritage of Christian tradition, examined within social and cultural contexts. It explores early church formation, the challenges of the medieval era, the repercussions of the renaissance and the reasons for the reformation. Major revivals are analysed as well as the effectiveness of modern missionary movements. The struggles and strengths of the 20th century are also revealed, as well as various issues facing the 21st century church. By exploring such historical shifts in spirituality and society, students will gain understanding of both contingency and continuity in Christian history, in order to deepen their understanding of gospel ministry today.

It explores scriptural foundations, as well as the historical expansion of the Christian church and its impact on church and society over the centuries, including political and cultural challenges, as well as new technological opportunities. This study enables students to critically explore the nature of missions, integrating it within their own contexts.

Description: This unit examines the history of spiritual renewals, revivals and awakenings, as well as their influence on church life and growth.

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It explores the sociological and spiritual milieu out of which these movements arise and what impact they have on society. It seeks to discover the theological and biblical principles of these movements and explores their potential applications to the contemporary church. Description: This unit provides a detailed analysis of the major global trends which led to the foundation and then settlement of Australia. The pattern of settlement and national development is traced, including issues of inculturation, colonialism, denominationalism and racism.

Australian Christianity in rural and urban regions is explored, as well as the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism. Understanding the Christian history of this nation helps to equip students for effective ministry in a wide variety of contexts and allows for a deeper understanding of Australian national identity.

Description: This subject examines the context, origins and development of early Christianity and its impact on the surrounding communities. It explores how the rapid expansion of the church brought various social, cultural and theological challenges and examines how these were addressed.

The contextualisation of medieval Christian thoughts and actions are discussed, as well as its formative influences in contemporary contexts. An analysis of major reform movements will also reveal how they have shaped the history of Christianity. Description: In this introductory subject, students will explore a broad variety of topics that form the very basis of pastoral ministry.

Primarily, students will consider contemporary pastoral models that connect academic reflection with the real world. Topics discussed will range from defining ministry, calling and ordination to conflict resolution, and being effective in caring for others. Students will also be provided with ample opportunity to engage creatively with these topics to make connections with their own contexts.

Description: Ever wondered if there were other ways to express faith, apart from lifting your hands during worship? Would you like to deepen the spirituality of your local Christian community, but find yourself hesitating, uncertain of the appropriate boundaries? Students with these questions and more will find themselves challenged as they partake in this foundational unit, designed specifically to introduce charismatic and Pentecostal Christians to the broader history of Christian spiritual approaches.

In doing so, students will have a chance to connect with their heritage and participate in a broad range of spiritual exercises practiced by the wider body of Christ throughout history. In this unit, extroverts and introverts alike will find themselves engaging with the historical, biblical and theological roots for communicating the Gospel and gaining the skills along with the empowering of the Spirit to communicate effectively.

In doing so, students will explore ways to engage with a world where the acceptance of the Christian story is counter-cultural, as well as ways to connect the good news of the kingdom to contemporary social concerns.

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Worried about writing essay papers? Or where to begin researching? Or you feel confident in writing, but want to learn the skills of evaluating the masses of information we are bombarded with? This unit is for you! It will give you the tools of how to succeed in your undergraduate academic studies.

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It will examine how you learn, plus challenge you to think deeper, wider and more creatively. It will also encourage you in how to critically evaluate and reflect on information. Plus develop your skills in how to put it all together in an essay paper or oral presentation. Description: This unit provides a biblical theology of holistic mission that takes seriously the responsibility of the church to address issues of justice and poverty.

It argues that the good news of the Kingdom of God has vital implications for social and cultural values. Too often in our western society we see political ideology claiming these values. Description: Poverty is more than living on less than a dollar a day.

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Why does the national health and prosperity of some nations continue to decline whilst neighbouring countries grow? Why does the gap between the rich and the poor countries continue to widen? This unit examines the concept of globalization and the nature and causes of global poverty. The unit involves practical exercises that invite students to reflect on what it means to live in poverty, and explores real world strategies for empowering the poor.

Description: The relationship between the church and state is fraught with challenges. This unit explores the history of church and state.

Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101) Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)
Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101) Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)
Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101) Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)
Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101) Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)
Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101) Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)
Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101) Friend of God: Course Two (Biblical Studies 101)

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