A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)

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Seeking to support experimental artist publishing, we developed a business model that provides book production services to commercial clients as a means for funding our artists book publishing projects. We are involved in leading workshops for artists on how to make books through The Center for Book Arts, Blonde Art Books, and other institutions. The ciliary processes processus ciliares are formed by the inward folding of the various layers of the choroid, i.

They are arranged in a circle, and form a sort of frill behind the iris, around the margin of the lens Fig. They vary from sixty to eighty in number, lie side by side, and may be divided into large and small; the former are about 2.

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They are attached by their periphery to three or four of the ridges of the orbiculus ciliaris, and are continuous with the layers of the choroid: their opposite extremities are free and rounded, and are directed toward the posterior chamber of the eyeball and circumference of the lens. In front, they are continuous with the periphery of the iris. Their posterior surfaces are connected with the suspensory ligament of the lens. In the stroma of the ciliary processes there are also stellate pigment cells, but these are not so numerous as in the choroid itself. According to Henderson the aqueous humor is a secretion formed by the active intervention of the epithelial cells lining the apices of the ciliary processes.

The Ciliaris muscle m. It is thickest in front, and consists of two sets of fibers, meridional and circular. The meridional fibers, much the more numerous, arise from the posterior margin of the scleral spur page ; they run backward, and are attached to the ciliary processes and orbiculus ciliaris. One bundle, according to Waldeyer, is inserted into the sclera.

The circular fibers are internal to the meridional ones, and in a meridional section appear as a triangular zone behind the filtration angle and close to the circumference of the iris.

They are well-developed in hypermetropic, but are rudimentary or absent in myopic eyes. The Ciliaris muscle is the chief agent in accommodation, i. When it contracts it draws forward the ciliary processes, relaxes the suspensory ligament of the lens, and thus allows the lens to become more convex. Magnified 10 times. Capillary net-work of the posterior part of the choroid, ending at b, the ora serrata. Arteries of the corona ciliaris, supplying the ciliary processes, d, and passing into the iris e.

The capillary net-work close to the pupillary margin of the iris. Anastomosis with vessels of outer coats. Anastomosis with branches of short posterior ciliary arteries. Anastomosis with chorioideal vessels. Course of vasa ciliar. Episcleral artery. Episcleral vein. Capillaries of lamina choriocapillaris.

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Circulus iridis major cut across. Branches to ciliary body. Branches to iris. Vena ciliar. Junction with the circulus iridis major. Junction with lamina choriocapill. Arterial, and d 1. Venous episcleral branches. Arterial, and e 1. Arterial, and f 1. Venous branches to corneal border.

Vena vorticosa.

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The Iris. It is a thin, circular, contractile disk, suspended in the aqueous humor between the cornea and lens, and perforated a little to the nasal side of its center by a circular aperture, the pupil. By its periphery it is continuous with the ciliary body, and is also connected with the posterior elastic lamina of the cornea by means of the pectinate ligament; its surfaces are flattened, and look forward and backward, the anterior toward the cornea, the posterior toward the ciliary processes and lens.

The iris divides the space between the lens and the cornea into an anterior and a posterior chamber.

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The anterior chamber of the eye is bounded in front by the posterior surface of the cornea; behind by the front of the iris and the central part of the lens. The posterior chamber is a narrow chink behind the peripheral part of the iris, and in front of the suspensory ligament of the lens and the ciliary processes.

In the adult the two chambers communicate through the pupil, but in the fetus up to the seventh month they are separated by the membrana pupillaris. In front is a layer of flattened endothelial cells placed on a delicate hyaline basement membrane. This layer is continuous with the endothelium covering the posterior elastic lamina of the cornea, and in individuals with dark-colored irides the cells contain pigment granules. The stroma stroma iridis of the iris consists of fibers and cells. The former are made up of delicate bundles of fibrous tissue; a few fibers at the circumference of the iris have a circular direction; but the majority radiate toward the pupil, forming by their interlacement, delicate meshes, in which the vessels and nerves are contained.

A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)
A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)
A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)
A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)
A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)
A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)
A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1) A City of Gol (Corena Chronicles Book 1)

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